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Butterflies Of Tennessee is

published by Maywood Publishing

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Celebrating the Second Printing Of Butterflies Of Tennessee!

If you love butterflies, this is the book for you! Whether you enjoy a hike in the woods or a jaunt to a botanical garden, Butterflies of Tennessee will show you which butterflies you are seeing out there! Beyond identification, it will teach you how to garden for butterflies in the places where you live, work, and play. Follow Rita on Instagram.Instagram

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  • Full-color photos and descriptions of all 124 species of Tennessee butterflies
  • Tennessee-specific plant lists for adult nectaring and caterpillar feeding
  • Fun Facts for each butterfly species to help you interest others in butterflies
  • Photos and descriptions of eggs, caterpillars, and chrysalises for many species
  • Habitat descriptions and favorite spots of local butterfly enthusiasts
  • Current range maps and flight period information
  • Tips for better butterfly-watching
  • Printed in the USA, Forest Stewardship Council™ certified



“Rita, your book is so amazing. Thanks for all the tricks and clues on what to look for on the butterflies. It makes learning them so fun! Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting the book together and making it available to the public!”  –A. Nyberg, Nature Conservancy

“Congratulations on an absolutely wonderful book!! It is beautiful, perfect and just what Tennessee needed!”   -D. Beazley, Naturalist, Warner Park Nature Center, Nashville

“I have thoroughly enjoyed your book and it has re-fueled my interest in butterflies. Thank you.”   -J. Carreau, The Wood Thrush Shop, Nashville

“This is a world-class book, a meticulously and lovingly assembled look at the region’s butterflies. It’s great in the field and great for serendipitous browsing.”   -R. Simbeck, author, “Tennessee State Symbols,” “Daughter of the Air”

“This (book) will be of great help to me and to all the park staff.”                         -M. Silver, Ranger Naturalist, Warrior’s Path State Park

“The photography, arrangement, and presentation are excellent.  I especially like the “Fun Facts” section.”   -M. Minno, author, Florida Butterfly Gardening and Butterflies Through Binoculars

“I have received the book. IT IS FABULOUS!!!!!”   -L. Albert, satisfied customer

“I have written a number of technical books and I immediately appreciated the research, design, clarity, presentation, completeness and wonderful photographs in ‘Butterflies Of Tennessee.”   -G. Smith, writer

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