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The Weather Station

I asked for a home weather station and a family member gave me one for Christmas. It was very easy to set up. First, I hung the wireless sensor from a patio umbrella outside.

A wireless sensor hangs from a patio umbrella

Then, I placed the display unit on the kitchen counter. I can read the outdoor temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure easily from there. (Changes in barometric pressure greatly affect the weather.) The display unit also shows the indoor temperature and humidity.

The display unit sits on the kitchen counter


I don’t know much about this small weather station yet, but lately I have become more interested in the weather.

After I set the weather station up, my son and I watched the outside temperature start dropping to the low 30s. Later, we went outside to help his sister unload her car, and we saw that it was “spitting” snow. We told her about the weather station, and she wanted to see it.  Our son said, “Let’s get inside so we can see what’s going on outside!”

One reason I requested a weather station is so I could compare my home readings to the forecast on TV or from the National Weather Service (NWS). Another reason is to see how both high and low temperatures affect the plants and animals in our little back yard.

I think I’m going to have fun with this.

©Rita Venable 2012

A Gulf Fritillary newly emerged from the chrysalis on December 5, 2012 after several nights of freezing temperatures


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